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Reve Jewelry

The Reve Collection is the work of Don and Elizabeth Buck, both of whom design and produce the distinctive jewelry in silver and gold set with semi-precious stones.

Reve is French for “Dream” – one source of inspiration for Don, who finds he is most creative just before sleep and in dreams. Elizabeth’s design ideas are more likely to come from architecture, detailing on classic cars, and in nature.

Each piece is crafted from beginning to end and by one individual – Don, Elizabeth or one of their two staff artisans. There is no assembly line approach at Reve, so each artist takes personal pride in the finished product.

“We put our whole heart into each piece,” Elizabeth says. “Our time, thought, energy and excitement are reflected both in the designs and in our professional technique.”

“Our jewelry is contemporary but not trendy,” Elizabeth points out. “It’s classic rather than faddish because we would like it to still be worn and appreciated 20 years from now,” Don adds. “And lasting quality helps assure that.” Their work is regularly purchased by celebrities and those that truly appreciate quality unique jewelry.

The Bucks’ painstaking attention to quality in every detail and in their contemporary yet classic designs, combine to make theirs the jewelry consumers from every region and lifestlye can enjoy for many years to come.

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